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September 2021 New Arrivals

September is a fantastic month full of new beginnings. Whether your kids are returning to school, you’re shifting out of summer-vacation mode, or the only change in your life is that the trees are changing – September often holds a lot of wonder and excitement.

One thing that we love about September is how it can spark passion to create something new. Maybe you’re looking to make for your child’s first day back at school, or maybe you’re thinking about how the nights are cooling down and you’re wanting to create something to keep yourself warm.

Our September 2021 new arrivals include fabrics like organic cotton, waterproof fleece, and more! We hope you find something that has you excited about beginning a new project.

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    Zorb® Microfiber Terry Plus Silver Fabric (W-216)

    Retail: $21 per yard
    Wholesale: $14.5 per yard

    Description 100% Free of PFOS, PFOA, lead, dioxins, heavy metals & BPA; Free from phthalates: contains no DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DnO...

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    Original price $1.00 - Original price $14,500.00
    Original price $1.00 - Original price $14,500.00
    Original price $1,050.00
    $1.00 - $14,500.00
    $1.00 - $14,500.00
    Current price $1.00
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