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ProECO® Organic Cotton Fleece Fabrics-Wazoodle Fabrics

ProECO® Organic Cotton Fleece Fabrics

"It is supple, pure and wonderful! I would make baby clothes, diaper covers, blankets and toys out of it. I know that is four things, but the list is endless!" 

Our Organic Cotton Fleece is a premium quality heavyweight fleece, ideal for use in apparel, children's wear, cloth diapers & more. It is made from the finest American-sourced eco-friendly, modulus yarns for superior softness, absorbency, luster and durability.

Unlike imported Cotton fabrics, this collection of Organic Fleeces are made with no harmful chemicals or finishes; they are also put through a proprietary process that makes them ready to use and absorb right out of the box, and reduces shrinkage. 


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