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ProCool® One Way Wicking TransWICK® Fabrics

ProCool® One Way Wicking TransWICK® Fabrics

ProCool TransWICK Fabrics combine the quick drying feature of ProCool Dri-Qwick with One-Way-Wicking® to quickly wick moisture away from your body, move it to the outside layer of the fabric and then push it into the atmosphere. Imported fabrics may have similar one-way-wicking features, but it is achieved from additional chemicals and finishes; these additives can be washed away, removing the technology after only a few wash cycles.

ProCool TransWICK is naturally One-Way-Wicking® via a proprietary CoolMax certified fabric combination, so the technology lasts for the lifetime of the garment. This innovative double-facing polyester fabric is designed to give you a superior cool, dry and fresh feel, even in the most humid conditions. 

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