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ProCool® One Way Wicking TransWICK® Fabrics-Wazoodle Fabrics

ProCool® TransWICK® Cooling Fabrics

Discover a world where performance and comfort converge with ProCool® TransWICK™ cooling fabric. Engineered for optimal breathability and moisture management, this innovative fabric ensures wearers stay cool and dry, even in extreme conditions. The rapid drying and unique One-Way-Wicking® attributes are not add-on features but are intrinsic to the fabric's essence, promising enduring performance.

ProCool® TransWICK™ distinguishes itself with a patented technology that efficiently draws moisture away from the skin, transports it to the fabric’s exterior, and expels it into the air, offering unparalleled cooling effects. Unlike some imported fabrics that depend on washable chemicals to provide similar benefits, ProCool® TransWICK™’s cooling mechanism is inherent and long-lasting.

Every thread is a blend of robust polyester and luxurious Supima cotton or resilient nylon, weaving a narrative of quality, innovation, and the harmonious fusion of technology and comfort. This fabric isn’t just about enduring performance; it epitomizes an evolution in wearable comfort designed for both the avid athlete and the comfort seeker.

Experience the amalgamation of innovation and enduring comfort with ProCool® TransWICK™. It’s not just a fabric but a companion that assures every move is complemented by unmatched freshness and coolness. This is where every thread weaves a promise of a cooler, dryer, and fresher tomorrow. Dive into a world where each strand is precision-engineered to balance performance, comfort, and sustainability, marking a significant leap in the evolution of performance wear.