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ProSoft MediCORE® PUL Level 4 Barrier Fabrics-Wazoodle Fabrics

ProSoft MediCORE® PUL Level 4 Barrier Fabrics

ProSoft MediCORE PUL fabrics meet the standard for liquid barrier performance for Level 4 gowns. They have been tested for and passed ASTM F 1670-B and ASTM F1671, and are Made in USA. They are slightly thicker than the MediPUL collection, as they have a hidden layer of waterproof film protected between two fabrics. For Level 4 Barrier protection, go with one of the ProSoft MediCORE PULs; for Level 4 Barrier protection and absorbency, go with one of the Zorb MediCORE PULs. 

Available in regular or SILVADUR™ treated versions. SILVADUR™ "delivers silver ions via an 'intelligent control' mechanism" to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae on the fabric; it controls bad odors and provides advanced freshness protection.