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ProSoft® Waterproof 1 mil Eco-PUL™ Fabrics

ProSoft® Waterproof 1 mil Eco-PUL™ Fabrics

Regular ProSoft Eco-PUL is super soft, breathable and flexible. This top selling waterproof fabric is tested to withstand 300+ washings, manufactured with no harmful chemicals or finishes and 100% eco-friendly. It is available in 40+ colors and 50+ prints; antimicrobial, stretch-fit, heavy duty, 65" wide, 72" wide, and recycled fiber variations are also available.

ProSoft Eco-PUL is certified free of lead, phthalates, BPA and many other harmful chemicals; it's 100% CPSIA certified and flammability tested. The number one choice in cloth diapers, diaper bags, shower curtains, incontinence products, and many more!


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