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ProCare Barrier Fabric - 72" White

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ProCare 72" White

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ProCare 72" White - 5 YARD BOLT

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ProCare 72" White - 50 YARD ROLL

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ProCare™ is a durable soft barrier fabric commonly used in the medical, diapering and veterinary care markets. Use this durable fabric anywhere you need barrier protection and frequent sanitizing.

ProCare is stable in stretch and recovery, and does not shrink. It can be seam welded to make waterproof bags using impulse sealers, plastic welders or solvents. It can also be stitched to a non-wicking seam.

ProCare meets duty, laundering and material safety standards for use in medical and institutional products. Typical uses:

  • bib backings, aprons and art smocks
  • wipe able change table pad covers
  • mattress protection sheets and covers
  • veterinary pads for pet cages
  • washable barrier for adult incontinence, maternity and feminine products

Procare fabrics have been proven to withstand >200 washes if the laundry instructions are followed as below

Swatches Available    CPSIA Certified Fabric    Bolt Special - 5 yards  Bolt Special - 50 yards

This full size roll requires Special Handling

ProCare Barrier Fabric - 72" White

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As of Jan 1 2011 we improved our ProCare formula. The fabric has the same performance and duty characteristics, we did improve the softness, drape, suppleness and sew ability. We also made the fabric tougher, which enabled us to make it trimmer.

Fabrics shipped after Jan 15 2010 have the new formula. If you're using seam sealers to fuse seams, please test your existing setup as our new formula may need to reduce the heat or dwell on your sealers. As with all fabrics, it's a good idea to test fabrics with your design.

Washing Instructions: Only use chemicals/detergents recommended for use with flexible vinyl fabrics. Use them in the dilution prescribed by the manufacturer of the chemical. CAUTION: If wrong detergents are used the instructions are not followed, high alkalinity could cause shrinkage, polyester fiber damage and delamination of the textile from the vinyl. Washing can be on hot or warm cycle.
Use of chlorine bleach is not recommended. If you do use bleach make sure it is rinsed out thoroughly or add “anti-chlor” to rinse . If chlorine bleach from wash is retained in the product through improper or incomplete rinsing, the dryer heat can cause the vinyl to become brittle and form cracks and possibly shrink. Do NOT use solvents to wipe/clean Procare under any circumstances even for treating stains. Use of solvents can cause brittleness and delamination of the vinyl/textile in the treated areas.

Drying Instructions: Dry on low/medium low. Do not dry in hot cycle.
CAUTION: Dryer heat should not exceed 180°F /80°C. Hot spots often exceed 284°F/140°C. The laminate will soften at 180°F and liquefy and flow at 284°F. If subjected to heat in this range, depending on other factors such as duration and dryer load, the vinyl could melt. This could result in tiny pinholes, multiple pinholes in a linear group or larger holes. The most common problem occurs at a crease or fold in the fabric, which acts as a leading edge of contact in tumbling of the fabric in the dryer. When exposed vinyl comes in contact with a too hot portion of the dryer drum, the vinyl momentarily flows, adheres to the drum and pulls away or “picks off” from the vinyl leaving a hole the size of the interstice of the textile.

IMPORTANT: Monitor your drying cycle to prevent too high heat settings and inspect dryers for hot spots.
Note: This high heat drying of Procare is the most reason for spoiling of Procare based on samples that have been sent back for evaluation.

COOL DOWN: It is important to allow the fabric to tumble through a cool down cycle in the dryer.
CAUTION: Without proper cool down the heated film may stick to itself at creased fold-overs. The weight of the load and the retained heat of the product will set fused creases. When fused creases eventually cool down they cannot be separated without tearing.

Cracking or Brittleness can occur with any such laminate if care instructions are not followed in the wash/dry routine or if solvent cleaners are used.
The two most common causes are:
1. Incomplete rinsing of chlorine bleach solution from the wash cycle. Dryer heat then causes the retained bleach to stiffen the vinyl film.
It is recommended to thoroughly rinse products and get all the bleach out prior to drying. Add “anti-chlor” to rinse cycle to ensure no residual bleach remains.

2. Spot cleaning solvent was used in effort to remove stains from. Solvent extracts plasticizer from the vinyl making it brittle and compromises the quality.
Spot cleaners should never be used on vinyl.


Unit of Measure sold by the yard
Stock Type Re-orderable - when this item is sold out it will be restocked as quickly as possible.
Content 25% polyester, 75% vinyl (proprietary formulation)
CPSIA Status This product is made to comply with CPSIA. Guaranteed not to impede CPSIA lead/phthalates certification when used in children's articles.
Width 72" / 183cm
Weight 14.5oz/lyd
Shrink (at care standard) None
Stretch Mechanical
Absorbency None
Country of Origin Canada
Other No

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